New Naratif is a movement for a better Southeast Asia. We are a Southeast Asian member-supported platform for journalism, research, art, and community organisation. We aim to promote freedom of information and the media in the region, publishing stories which explore and explain the often unseen forces which shape our lives. Learn more about us here. 

New Naratif publishes articles (research, journalism, comics, videos, podcasts, etc.):

  • of importance, meaning, and relevance to the people of Southeast Asia;
  • which governments/establishment interests discourage or actively suppress from being told, and which the mainstream media cannot or do not want to carry;
  • which explain and explore important forces which shape our lives, which help increase or change our understanding of the world around us, or which help us understand why we think and act the way we do;
  • which transcend narrow boundaries of race, religion, or state, to reflect Southeast Asia as it is lived and experienced by its people.

We invite people who share our values of mutual respect and engagement to join our community and further our movement. We are seeking warm, empathetic people who can communicate and collaborate well, and work flexible hours. All candidates should have proficient oral and written communications skills in a relevant Southeast Asian language, and be able to communicate (oral and written) in English. Team members may be located anywhere in Southeast Asia, but will have to communicate with the rest of the team using email, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Basecamp. You will be required to attend our weekly editorial/management meetings (in person or via skype), for around 1 hr per week, 3-4 times per month, and give advice and input where necessary. As one of New Naratif’s goals is to nurture Southeast Asian talent, we prefer candidates who are Southeast Asian citizens or permanently living in Southeast Asia.

Interested parties should email PJ Thum (Managing Director) with a CV and examples of work at pingtjin.thum AT

We have no positions open at the current time.