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Ba dalam Sempekat Malaysia 1963, Sabah enggau Sarawak bela nyadi kaban kunsi begulai enggau dulu kelia dikangau Serakup Persekutuan Malaya, tang pia penemu tu nyu makin majak lenyau. Ditu meh kebuah mulai ke ia serta nama mai ia besai reti ngagai semua.

Nama ulih di gaga kita:

Penulis: Vila Somiah
Tukang Chura: Timothy James
Chura palan: Charis Loke
Penyunting: Charis Loke, Deborah Augustin
Penyalin: Alfred Diglin

Vila Somiah

Dr. Vilashini Somiah is a Sabahan anthropologist who received her PhD from the National University of Singapore. Currently a senior lecturer at the Gender Studies Programme at the University of Malaya, her work focuses primarily on underrepresented narratives of women, youth, migrants and marginalised Borneans living in the interiors. With over a decade of research experience behind her Dr. Somiah has also produced interdisciplinary research in the fields of history, politics and socio-economy. Outside of academia, she writes ethnographic articles on the local socio-political landscape.

Timothy James

Timothy James is a lowbrow artist born & bred in Kuching, Borneo. His artwork juxtaposes primitive Dayak tattoos with post-modern society taboos. Alternative art by the altered native. His works can be found at Instagram @turoibagak.