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Trans Health Care in Indonesia

In this episode, we’ll be talking about something a little more complicated. Trans healthcare in Indonesia. It’s already a tricky subject, but if the health bill passes, there will be a lot more risks of criminalisation and imprisonment, not only for trans people but also for the healthcare providers and the rest of our allies.


Where is Home?

A young boy’s life drastically changed after the pandemic followed by the coup in Myanmar. This work of fiction is based on reports from different media agencies as well as interviews with people from A Nyar.

Quarantined Feelings: A Short Film

In this short film produced in collaboration with BEBESEA, Bradley Jason Pantajo tells us a story of a mother separated from her family and dealing with physical, psychological, and emotional isolation that OFWs and their families face.

Beyond the Binary: Two Bissu Defend their Roots in Sulawesi

The concept of queer and non-binary identities has long been a part of Indonesian culture, including the Bugis culture in Sulawesi, where the Bissu, who embody all genders, play a significant role in society, despite facing discrimination from various conservative groups. Yuyun and Eka are very few Bissu who are still fighting for this tradition.


The Shadows Floating Along The Mekong

In Cambodia, Vietnamese immigrants face many challenges, such as policy changes, depleted fish resources, and mistreatment by authorities. A Vietnamese Cambodian couple, Hen and Tham, were forced to abandon their home on Tonle Sap Lake and move to Vietnam, rendering them stateless. With nearly 8,000 Vietnamese households residing in the region, Hen and Tham’s experience…

Fighting Forward

In this special episode produced in collaboration with BEBESEA, Ali Reza Yawari shows us the life of a refugee lost in the middle of a country that doesn’t acknowledge his status as he finds himself through Taekwondo.


Ripple Effect

My mother became a refugee in her own country during the Indonesian War of Independence. The experience reverberated through the rest of her life.




The Women Tree Planters of Sukau

Since 2008, women from Sabah’s Sukau Village have planted trees to connect forest fragments and preserve the area’s biodiversity. COVID-19 stopped their work for months, resulting in the deaths of many newly planted trees. Now, they have returned to the forest.


/ba.ca/ with New Naratif: The Philippines’ Exploitation of Overseas Filipino Workers Event Recap

For the fourth instalment of /ba·ca/ with New Naratif, our community heard from and discussed with researcher and activist, Teo S. Marasigan, and Migrante International Chairperson, Joanna Concepcion, about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and the forces at play that allow for this phenomenon to continue despite the economic and humanitarian issues it has caused time…