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Political Agenda — #Ready4Repeal and the fight for LGBT equality

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On 6 September, the Indian Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality when it ruled on Section 377 of its penal code. The historic ruling on this colonial-era law gave a boost to Singapore’s LGBT movement, prompting a renewed push to repeal Section 377A of Singapore’s Penal Code. New Naratif sits down with Ready4Repeal co-author Johannes Hadi, Clement Tan of Pink Dot and PhD candidate Pamela Devan to talk about the anti-gay law and other LGBT issues in Singapore.

Talking 377A - New Naratif
Johannes Hadi, Kirsten Han New Naratif

If you are in need of support or resources, check out these LGBT or LGBT-friendly organisations in Singapore:

Brave Spaces runs a hotline for LBTQI women:

Oogachaga is an LGBT-friendly counselling organisation:

The T Project is a homeless shelter for the transgender community:

The Kopitiam Brothers is a group by transmen for transmen:

Pelangi Pride Centre is an LGBT community space and resource centre:

Same But Different is a legal guidebook for LGBT couples and families in Singapore:

The Bi+ Collective is a space for people who are bisexual:

Prout is an app to connect you with others in the LGBT community:

The Healing Circle aims to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ Malay Muslims to embrace both their spirituality and sexual orientation:


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