At New Naratif, we believe in being transparent and accountable. To this end, here’s a roadmap of where we are and where we intend to go. Please check back as we will update regularly. If you have questions, please email

Milestone 1: 6 October (achieved!)

  • A WordPress site with basic functionality that includes essential branding, such as the masthead, colours, and typefaces, functioning under the domain. The site is mobile responsive, with a few exceptions due to technical limitations.
  • The site remains free to access as part of the crowdfunding campaign.

Milestone 2: By end October (achieved!)

  • Increased functionality for the website, including a fully mobile responsive site. The styling for the website will reflect the InVision preview site.
  • A second round of articles and comics will be released.
  • The site remains free to access as part of the crowdfunding campaign.

Between Milestone 2 and 3: Members’ Town Hall
(for members subscribed at levels above $US52!)

Milestone 3: June 2018

Full functionality for the website. This includes:

  • The extremely complicated footnotes, citations, and related links functions.
  • The comments and discussion functions.
  • The membership login and sharing functions.
  • Three French Hens, two Turtle Doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

After Milestone 3

  • Finalise hiring of new staff.
  • Members will be emailed logins for the website and invited to complete the registration process.
  • Regular article commissioning to begin.
  • Site launches and memberships commence!